The wonder of messages (07/18/2013)

Around the beginning of March, I began contacting doctors who were familiar with Misophonia. I started with the eight doctors that popped up with I searched Misophonia, and asked if any of them knew of doctors in the Boston area. I received several replies. Many of the doctors recommended white noise generators (which I already had). I ended up talking on the phone with a few of the doctors. The gist of the phone calls was that I was already doing everything I could and to have hope for future research. After about a few weeks, I pretty much gave up because I kept receiving the same responses. About a month later I heard back from an audiologist at Northeastern. She had said she recently went to a training with Dr. Jasterboff, and that perked my attention.

For those who do not know, Dr. Jasterboff is the man who coined misophonia.

The Northeastern audiologist had had training in tinnitus retraining therapy which is similar to misophonia therapy. I contacted her to set an appointment. However, she responded saying that she was not especially trained in treating misophonia.

Instead she referred me to Dr. Jasterboff himself!

Excuse the errors, this was written on my phone

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2 thoughts on “The wonder of messages (07/18/2013)

  1. Hello

    I am the mom of an incoming freshman at MIT (leaving California for Massachusetts this Friday) and until today had been very worried about how she was going to handle college because of her seemingly odd hypersensitivity to sounds and certain movements from others, you know, like chewing, sniffling, coughing, scratching…I have had concern about how she will do with a roommate and how this might become a social problem for her seeing as she has isolated herself over the past four or five years at home especially during dinner. I have allowed her to eat in her room because I thought these sensitivities were due to stress from her academics and general overly extended schedule but today on NPR they had a story on Misophonia and they were talking about my daughter.

    On one hand I felt enormous relief and on the other terrified. For the most part she seems to function quite well minus the sniffling of others and most of her fathers behaviors but we have joked about living with a roommate, now that I see this through different eyes I have all kinds of concerns and questions and it is no joke!

    I am thrilled that you have started this blog and hope you are still engaged with it and still at MIT. I would hope that there is some kind of support system at MIT and wondering how you handle roommates if you have them? Perhaps you could comment on how your symptoms of Misophonia have affected your collegiate life and if you are receiving any help from MIT.

    Ironically, my daughters major is brain and cognitive science so perhaps there might be a reason she is at MIT other than the obvious.

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